Tattoos on Darker skin…

As people ask me whether we ‘tattoo white ink on black skin’ so often – I’ve decided to finally clarify this on an open for all to see platform!

The thing is (that I think everyone forgets), is that tattoos are under your skin. Your specific skin pigment is within it. So, if I were to tattoo with white under dark skin… You wouldn’t see the white because it’s lying under a ‘darkly tinted skin’. Kinda like if you were to put a piece of white paper behind a tinted window – it wouldn’t look white anymore (kudos to Dusty for the analogy).

Bearing that in mind, the same works for different colours. This is why we’d suggest certain colours to suit certain skin tones. We do this because we know what the end result is going to look like, and we want the best for your tattoo!

This is not to say that people with darker skin tones can’t get tattooed – cause they sure can!!

You just have to get tattooed with black ink like the rest of us 😉

I know what you’re gonna say,” ‘black’ skin, ‘black’ ink, it won’t work!?” Well, nay friends! It will!

Just to prove it, I’ve found some famous types with tattoos!

Yours in ink,



How Much?

“How much do you charge?”….

Well, to start off, I’m just going to clear the air and say there is no ‘medium’ sized tattoo…  For me/us to quote someone, we need to know what design we’re doing, where it’s going on you, how much detail is in it and of course, colour. This will also give us a gage on how long the tattoo might take.

Unlike most studios we don’t charge per hour – (unless we’re doing a sizey tattoo like a back piece). We have a starting price of R350. From there we charge according to the tattoo. This ‘starting price’ factors in all the bits that we need to do a tattoo, the bare minimum. So even if you only want a dot – it’ll be R350. I find this way of pricing to be more economical on our clients. I think it’s unfair to charge someone an hourly rate if they’re doing something small that I know would only take me 20 minutes to complete. This rate also makes us quite competitive with our pricing. Of course, artists can charge however they like – this is just what I feel works for me 🙂

So with all of that, as I’m sure you can imagine, it’s difficult to quote someone over the phone (seeing as I can’t see their design, or the size that I have to do). Hence, I ask people to send me an email, telling me their tattoo dream and giving me a better idea of the size by telling me more or less how many centimetres they’d like their tattoo to be. From all of this info, I can give them a pretty good estimate quote and tell them how long it might take to do.

If you’d like us to give you a quote, or chat to us about your tattoo – you can either pop in to Corner Cafe (who could say no to a cuppa joe!?) or alternatively, send either Dusty or myself an email!,

To have a look at our work, go through to our site

Thanks yo!



We’ve Moved

We were in the “Blue House” in Morningside for the last six months, it was always a temporary thing until another venue opened up. One finally did, an epic one. We had our eye on it for some time, its situated in the famous “Corner Cafe” in Glenwood corner Brand and Cromwell (check their blog out here This place is beautiful, with a art young professional clientele, which revolves through the door constantly all day we are really excited about being apart of the vibe. We have taken over Nev the Barbers old spot (check him out here we spent a day or two getting our colours up and rigging the shop for tattooing. Tomorrow we’re in full operation, first buzz for our first appointment at 10am. So we’re in full operation, fresh year, fresh studio and tons of fresh ink. Get Inked!

Corner Cafe, grab a coffee and head to the back for some ink!

Christmas Vouchers

Its that time of the year again where you’ll be scrabbling around for gifts for friends and family so why not give the gift that really lasts forever.

We want to see the whole world tattooed, now is your chance.

This holiday season we’ll be giving a 20% reduction on the cost of vouchers. You can choose the value of the voucher (starting from R350, that’s the minimum price of a tattoo at ours and most studios) and up to whatever amount.

The premotion starts today 25th November and lasts up to 23rd of December. Pop into the studio (223 lillian Ngoyi drive old Windemere) and get that voucher.

We’ll see ya at the studio!

Get your Christmas Voucher Now

Hello world!

I art ink. The beginning of a dream.

The joy of being a tattoo artist is being able to do what you love. Well, it started off as a love of art which through some time, opportunity, knowledge and hard work become the love of tattooing. I was one of the lucky few, normally getting into this industry is quite the task. But fate it seemed smiled brightly for me. (Of course befriending a tattoo artist also helped).

Through my years I’ve worked for some stereotypical tattoo artists, tattoo artists who aren’t really ‘artists’ and people wanting to be tattoo artists. All of them with one thing in common-a love of art. Which, when you think about it-just about everyone loves or appreciates art. Art is such a short word to describe the so many things art embodies.

So for this reason (love of art), mixed in with ambition and idealism has spawned i art ink.

This is doing things the way we (Dusty and myself) envision things to be done for a tattoo studio. And further. We want to grow ‘tattoo culture’, making our studio not just a studio, but where people feel comfortable being. And, of course, not forgetting where the tattoos are great!

So to the future!