Tattoos on Darker skin…

As people ask me whether we ‘tattoo white ink on black skin’ so often – I’ve decided to finally clarify this on an open for all to see platform!

The thing is (that I think everyone forgets), is that tattoos are under your skin. Your specific skin pigment is within it. So, if I were to tattoo with white under dark skin… You wouldn’t see the white because it’s lying under a ‘darkly tinted skin’. Kinda like if you were to put a piece of white paper behind a tinted window – it wouldn’t look white anymore (kudos to Dusty for the analogy).

Bearing that in mind, the same works for different colours. This is why we’d suggest certain colours to suit certain skin tones. We do this because we know what the end result is going to look like, and we want the best for your tattoo!

This is not to say that people with darker skin tones can’t get tattooed – cause they sure can!!

You just have to get tattooed with black ink like the rest of us šŸ˜‰

I know what you’re gonna say,” ‘black’ skin, ‘black’ ink, it won’t work!?” Well, nay friends! It will!

Just to prove it, I’ve found some famous types with tattoos!

Yours in ink,



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